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How To Avoid Sea Sickness While Fishing

A common question we get prior to our fishing charters is how to best avoid sea sickness. First off each person has a different tolerance to getting sea sick on a boat. Don’t freak out though the vast majority of our clients have no issues. There are people who get sick on the calmest of days and then there or people who can handle 10 foot swells. Sea sickness is basically a type of motion sickness. Chances are if you experience other types of motion sickness you have increased odds of getting sea sick. If you’ve been on a boat in the ocean before and haven’t had any symptoms you most likely don’t have to worry. Here area few tips to help you avoid becoming see sick on a fishing charter.

  • Hydrate before the trip. Drink a lot of fluids as if you were preparing for any type of sporting event. This will keep you from getting dehydrated on the fishing trip.
  • Don’t come on the fishing charter hungover from a late night of drinking. This is one of the main reasons people get sick on boats. We understand a lot of people are on vacation but please keep drinking down to a minimum before the trip.
  • Charter a good quality boat. Some poorly maintained boats put of a significant amount of exhaust and that can make anybody nauseous.
  • If you know you are prone to sea sickness you can always buy Dramamine over the counter at pretty much any pharmacy. Dramamine works remarkably well for our clients.
  • My last tip to help prevent sea sickness is to buy some ginger candy or ginger ale. Ginger is known to help sooth the stomach and actually helps a lot on boats.