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  • Right way to catch a grouper

    Posted on January 16, 2013 by in Events around Key West, Fishing Advice, Reef Fsihing

    The right way to catch a grouper on Key West fishing charters with Paradise Fishing, inc.

    The perfect location to fish for grouper are the Florida Keys, especially Key West, the Bahamas and down by means of the Caribbean Islands. Grouper are thought to be bottom fish. They like to stay closer for the bottom and close to rocks and solid structures so they can hide or escape into them. You may uncover grouper in water as shallow as 10′ but they still like to stay closer for the bottom. Ship wrecks are an excellent location to locate grouper. Grouper are a white meat fish and they are quite tasty to eat.

    Goliath grouper are protected in Florida waters. That is definitely, it is actually illegal to catch goliath grouper jew fish and not release them. Grouper generally like warmer water. Gag grouper, red grouper and Nassau grouper in certain like water temperatures 65 to75 degrees.

    As mentioned, grouper are generally a bottom fish. They will having said that come close for the surface for a tasty smaller fish. In most cases, when you fish for grouper you are going to work with pretty heavy tackle and you are going to wish to drop it for the bottom. They like live bait but will strike on cut bait. A different way for you to fish for grouper, especially in shallow water, about 10 to 15 feet is to by ‘trolling’ which implies cruising at an incredibly low speed though dragging your line behind the boat. Grouper, especially smaller grouper in shallow water will come up and strike the bait.

    The general rule with grouper is rather intuitive. Smaller grouper live in shallow water and take smaller bait. You may fish for grouper in water as shallow as 10′. Bigger grouper just like the massive Warsaw grouper are in deeper water, as deep as numerous hundred feet deep. Ship wrecks are exceptional for deep grouper fishing.

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