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Mothership operations

Capable of roaming to the ends of the Earth, motherships continue gaining in popularity
among serious anglers in search of unchartered fisheries.

Many of these world-class motherships are privately owned, following the fish wherever their owners direct them. However, in recent years, a number of them have been made available on the charter market. Some are simply dedicated to fishing, while others are explorer vessels that carry a number of fishing boats aboard as part of their toy inventory. Senses, the vessel mentioned earlier is available for charter as are a number of others including Latitude, which serves the coast of South America, Seawolf, a converted tug stationed in Central America, Tribu in Southern Brazil, and Surprise in the South Pacific.
John DeCaro has spent 18 years enjoying a life around the ocean, logging over 80,000 nautical miles of maritime experience. He ran his own business delivering yachts, managing projects and working in systems integration prior to his brokerage career, which has kept him hopping the globe for the past 14 years.

What all these vessels have in common is their ability to meet their owner’s requirements to transport them and their guests comfortable and safely to the greatest locations in the world to fish, no matter how remote, whether for big game fish off the coast of Australia or fly-fishing in Patagonia.

All Ocean Yachts at is dedicated to building, design consulting, brokerage and chartering world wide cruising vessels, explorer yachts and motherships. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right vessel for your needs, whatever they may be.