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Welcome to Fly Fishing in Key West with Capt. Rob Kramarz and Chaos Theory Charters. Key West is home to some of the finest fly fishing anywhere in the world. Our warm, crystal clear waters make for exciting sight fishing. Coupled with our pristine mangrove waterways, and the incredible amount of wildlife: you have the makings of fishing heaven.

Key West Fishing – Flats & Fly Fishing Shallow water flats and fly fishing for tarpon, bonefish and permit

Key West is well known for it’s fishing opportunities. Saltwater fly fishing has become so popular in the last decade and for obvious reasons – – the pursuit of fish with a fly is really something addictive. Once you land your first fish on fly here in the Lower Keys, Key West or the Marquesas Keys West of Key West, you’ve done something great and the memory of that fish will last a lifetime.

In the waters around Key West you can stand in one spot and have legitimate casts to the Grand Slam species of bonefish, permit, and tarpon. And if that’s not enough, while your waiting you can cast to barracuda, sharks, snapper, and jack .

Access to the most pristine fishing grounds is difficult, dangerous, and only accessible by people intimately familiar with the region and equipped with a shallow draft skiff. The Florida Keys have the capacity to provide a realistic chance for those anglers seeking species not found in other parts of the world.

After all this, take in the splendor of scenery still recognized as amongst the most breath taking in the world. Truly a unique experience and one guaranteed to provide memories that will stay with you forever.

Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit are of course the main targets, but Barracuda, Jacks, Snappers, and Redfish also provide fun and action while flats fishing in the Florida Keys. I am happy to have witnessed a dramatic rebound in our fish stocks due to concern and new laws protecting the Florida Keys Wildlife Refugee. Come on down and let me show you a great time!

Key West and the Lower Florida Keys are home to the finest shallow water flyfishing and flats fishing anywhere. We hold more world records then anywhere in the world.

Key West also has world class accommodation and restaurants, and is easily accessible by plane or car. If you need information or help with travels plans, please call me at 305-395-1416 or e-mail at our contact page.
Great Fishing for Permit,

Bonefish and Much More