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Cuba Fishing Trip

Five Days Four nights in Cuba.

Price: $1000 each person

Date: Memorial Day week or the Week after Memorial Day May 27, 2013.

Guests: 10 -12

The Boats: We will be taking two boats and  Both Captains have been to Cuba many times and know there way around.

 What is included: Boats including: All charter needs, dock-age in Cuba, food while traveling to and from Cuba.

What is not included: land expenses once in Cuba , Cuban VISA.  You could spend $20 a day or $200 a day, most people spend around $100 a day.  Bring $500.

Bring: Your Passport, $500 cash or 500 EU.  Eu will save you 10% currency charge from the Cuban Government.

No not bring: Any trubles


Details:  We will be leaving at 6 am in the morning from Key West.

Things to do in Cuba:

Drink Cuban Beer

Old American cars
See old American cars

Drink Cuban Beer

Ride a horse

Ride a horse

Meet the locals

Meet the locals

Learn to dance
Learn to dance

Cuban Rom or Rum shop

Shopping for Cuban Rom or Rum