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  • Fishing Relentless

    Posted on July 21, 2011 by in Fishing Reports

    I just returned from a family vacation in Key West. So what does a fisherman do on his vacation? Fish, of course.

    Dolphin Fish or mahi-mahi



    We chartered a sport fisherman at the famous “Charter Boat Row” for a day of offshore trolling. Our target was dolphin with the possibility of marlin.


    Captain Aron and first mate Tom on Relentless took us 22 miles into the Atlantic near the well-known dolphin and marlin hot spot called “The Wall.” Trolling rigged ballyhoo, some with colored skirts and some natural, we caught more than 40 dolphin with many in the 20-pound range.

    Arons technique was to troll alongside a weed line until he saw the dolphin swimming under the weeds and then stop the boat. We threw out pieces of cut-up ballyhoo to the dolphin and they came up right behind the boat. Using spinning rods and chunks of ballyhoo for the bait, the dolphin were easy targets.

    This style of fishing is lots of fun because it is visual and the dolphin fight hard and jump. In addition to that, they are beautiful fish and taste great just about any way you want to prepare them. We took our fresh filets to a waterside restaurant that night and had them fried, blackened and grilled.


    Marlin season is just starting in Key West with many boats from our area going down to fish in the upcoming marlin tournaments.


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