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  • Bonefish

    Posted on August 6, 2012 by in Fish Flats backcountry, Saltwater Fish


    Bonefish: Albula vulpes


    Silvery, with torpedo-shaped body and conical snout.


    Bonefish primarily inhabit inshore shallows of the Florida Keys, often in water that is less than 1 foot deep


    Bonefish have deeply forked tails that provide power for chasing prey in lush grass beds. Keen eyesight and a skittish nature make these fish a prized trophy for saltwater anglers. They travel in small schools prowling grass beds and sand flats for shrimp, crabs and other invertebrates. Average size is 3 to 5 pounds but fish weighing more than 10 pounds can be found in Florida.

    State Record:

    16 lb 3 oz, caught near Islamorada

    Fishing Tips and Facts:

    Live shrimp or jigs tipped with fresh shrimp are the best baits for conventional fishermen. Fly fishermen patiently pole through shallow flats stalking these elusive fish. Bonefish are very seldom eaten and should be carefully released.

    Additional Information:

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