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  • Billfish – Blue Marlin

    Posted on August 6, 2012 by in Saltwater Fish

    Billfish – Blue Marlin

    Blue Marlin Fish

    Blue Marlin


    • Upper cobalt blue on top shading to a silvery white below
    • Upper jaw elongated in form of a spear
    • The dorsal, pectoral and anal fins are all pointed
    • No dark spots on the dorsal fin

    Habitat:  A deep-sea fish that makes major trans-Atlantic migrations.

    Behavior: Unlike swordfish, blue marlin feed mostly during the day. They hunt alone and have been reported to use their long, sharp bill to slice or stun prey.

    State Record: 1046 lbs, caught near Panama City

    Fishing Tips and Facts:  This may be the ultimate of the big game fish – the one Hemingway so often wrote about. Serious anglers rig heavy and expect to fight a marlin for 4-6 hours.

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