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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Because of the high demand for certain dates during peak season, cancellation is required 30 days in advance. This gives some time to find a replacement for the dates. Inside of 30 days, full payment of each booking may be required.  Although we make every attempt to rebook cancellation days, it is not always possible on short notice.

Weather Related Cancellations:

Tropical Storm Season

During our Tropical Season from June 1 through November 30, please check with the guide for information if there is a forecasted tropical storm heading towards the Keys.  On any given day, the weather is a fact of life here in the Keys. We strive to fish if the Captain feels the day is fishable.  A cancellation due to weather is solely the discretion of the Captain.
What Happens To My Deposit If I Get Cancelled Due To Weather?
If I or any Captain that we book cancels due to weather your are refunded 100% of your deposit.  If you decide to cancel because you do not like the weather and the captain says the weather was fine there is no refund.  Parties must show up at the dock the day and time of departure. If our wind gauge reads over 25 mph (we do not trust the weather service, they are very unreliable), we will postpone for one day. If winds continue over 25 mph we will reschedule – however, the trip MUST BE taken before year end.  If the winds are 20 to 25 mph we will fish protected waters in side the reef or the Marquesas Keys and surrounding reefs. Weather is not a concern in our area, we can always find places to fish where it is comfortable and enjoyable.  We do not postpone trips because of rain. (the fish do not mind!) We have a full cabin on most of our boats. Policy varies during the off season (we have other open dates to reschedule) We do not have this option during the season and peak season.


What If I Do Not Show Or Call Or Anything For My Trip?
According  to our booking confirmation that you signed the day you booked your trip.  You will be billed according to the rules of that document in FULL for the trip you have stood up.  Understand that we only have so many days to sell our boats, Standing up one of our trips means someone else could not have gone with us.  Not to mention that it is just plain rude!