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  • Posted on August 21, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    Diana Nyad ┬áTries Cuba to USA Swim – Over 100 Miles

    On Saturday, Aug. 18, distance swimmer Diana Nyad set off once again in her quest to swim from Cuba to the United States. This is the fourth attempt for the almost 63-year-old, who will have to charter more than 100 miles starting near Havana, according to Yahoo! If she succeeds, Nyad will become the first person to swim unaided to Florida’s Key West.
    Nyad is swimming in all open waters without the help of a shark cage. The swimmer is from Los Angeles and, according to ABC News, following painful jellyfish meets on Saturday night, she steadily paced herself at 50 strokes per minute. Nyad was stung four times on the neck, lips, hand and forehead, according to the network.

    Though she swims alone, Nyad had a team that updates her fans through Twitter and other social media outlets regarding her progress. Her Twitter page is constantly updated and on Aug. 20, it was posted, “Still strong!…This AM, weather is clear…Seas are calm and Diana is swimming strong. ”
    It was noted on her Twitter that if Nyad finishes her swim to Florida on Tuesday, she will still be 62; but if she reaches Key West on Wednesday, she will have had her birthday by then and complete her trip at the age of 63.
    At time of print, Nyad had over 17 thousand Twitter followers and fans can track her entire trip on In 2011, she failed to reach her goal finally deciding that she could no longer withstand the physical effect of the jellyfish stings she endured.

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